30 Delicious Sweet Pancake Toppings Ideas

30 Delicious Sweet Pancake Toppings Ideas

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A bit over Maple Syrup on your Pancakes, and simply looking for new original and delicious ideas? Here are my favourite 30 Delicious Sweet Toppings Ideas for Pancakes, to make your breakfast or brunch even better!

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What toppings can you put on pancakes?

Isn’t the best thing about pancakes the fact that they can be filled or topped with an almost infinite possibility of items? There are so many different things that can be put on pancakes… and that’s the beauty of pancakes! Oh, and did I mention the million different ways you can make pancakes too? My personal favourite are Naturally Gluten Free Banana Pancakes and French Buckwheat Crepes.

Whether you like fruits, spreads, nut based toppings or go for something healthier, there is a pancake topping for you! In this article, I have rounded up my Top 30 Favourite Pancake Topping Recipe separated in four categories:

  • Fruit Toppings
    For any berry, winter fruit or tropical fruit lover!
  • Sauces & Spreads for pancakes
    Because there is nothing better than pancakes with jam, sauce or a syrup!
  • Healthy Toppings ideas
    For when pancakes are life, but we want to feel good after breakfast.
  • Nutty Toppings
    Nut butter, syrup or caramelised nuts, anyone!?

Which one is your favourite? Let me know which one of those 30 recipes is your favourite pancake topping idea!

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30 Delicious Pancake Toppings Ideas:

1. Fruit Toppings for Pancakes

2. Pancake Sauces & Spreads

3. Healthy Pancake Toppings Ideas

4. Nutty Pancake Toppings

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