Well, here I am… again.
I have made a few attempts at keeping a blog over the years, but had always found an excuse to stop after a few posts; too busy with school, a full time job or simply not believing in it (or myself) enough. So why try again, now?

My name is Sylvie, and at the end of 2017, I decided to quit my job in Architecture and take a few months off to concentrate on myself and things I love. I have always loved cooking, even though baking is – and will always be – my first love.

When I moved to Melbourne, Australia from Belgium in 2014, I discovered a whole new food heaven. A melting-pot of so many different nationalities and cultures, Melbourne offers the greatest mix of cuisines and styles.
As you may have guessed, I love eating out just as much (or even more?) as cooking at home, and Melbourne is an amazing playground for a foodie like me. Here, you can always find something new to try – a new tiny cafe in a lane, a rooftop bar or an obscure new cuisine.

After starting my first blog, “The Foodie Journey” in January 2018, it quickly became clear that my true passion was in sharing Baking and Pastry Recipes. Inspired by my French heritage and the melting-pot of cultures and cuisines in Melbourne, I decided to re-brand the blog to “A Baking Journey” in mid-2019. This changes reflects my love of sharing deliciously easy French Inspired Baking recipes that should be accessible to any level home-baker. I also aspire to be read by as many baking-lovers as possible – regardless of your food restrictions, allergies and preferences.

I am not a chef or a professional, just someone who has always loved to be in the kitchen. I am rarely able to follow a recipe and always end up putting my on twist on it.
I hope that this blog can encourage you (and myself) to try new things, and inspire everyone to have fun in the kitchen!
The recipes I will share here are more recommendations than instructions; feel free to change them, twist them, interchange them, or not follow them at all. Baking shouldn’t be a serious thing !

I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to contact me and let me know what you think,


PS: as I mentioned above, I am originally from Belgium, and english is not my first language (you can always contact me in french!). I apologise in advance for butchering any english words or terms !