How to make a Fraisier Cake

Prepare all the elements for the cake:

- Genoise Sponge - Strawberry Syrup - Diplomat Cream - Fresh Strawberries

Now, let's assemble the cake!

1. Place one of the two Genoise Sponge at the bottom of a Cake Ring or Springform Pan.

2. Brush the Genoise Sponge with the Strawberry Syrup

3. Create a ring of Strawberries, sliced in half, against the edges of the ring or pan.

4. With a Pastry Bag, pipe the Diplomat Cream over the Genoise Sponge and in between each strawberries

5. Cover the Dipomat Cream, at the centre of the cake, with freshly diced Strawberries

6. Optional: top with Almond Flakes to add a little bit of crunch!

7. Fully cover the whole cake with the remaining Diplomat Cream

8. Finally, place the second Genoise Sponger over the Cream and gently press on it. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before removing the ring or pan.

Time to decorate!

Finish with a few small pieces of Genoise Sponge, Fresh Strawberries and Fresh Mint Leaves

Enjoy :)